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Veil of Deception

Veil of Deception
Written by: Candace Morehouse
ISBN: 9781926681047
Genre: Romance
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Spenser Lake, Virginia is an ideal place to raise a family. The wonderful people and spectacular vistas are everything Kurt Hawkins has wanted for his wife and son. Beneath the surface of this wonderful community an evil lurks, hidden in the beautiful countryside, waiting for the unsuspecting to venture near, and no one has a clue why so many, including Kurt’s wife, have gone missing.

Danielle Gillette stayed in Spenser Lake even after her husband’s death a decade earlier to pursue a new career as a mystery author. She uses her writing as an excuse to be reclusive and avoid the true circumstances behind her husband’s demise.

Kurt and Danielle meet one stormy night. Almost against their will, they are drawn together to discover that the serenity of Spenser Lake is merely an illusion. They find a reality far more evil than either of them could have imagined along with the painful realization that sometimes the truth cuts deeper than a lie.

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