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Press Release - Us Tv Now Available In Germany And Italy!
Date posted: Jun 1st 2014

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US TV via IPTV inGermany and Italy that offers quality dependable Near HD and HD programming with over 250 channels of live American programming streaming with 2Mbps guaranteedbandwidth to each and every Customer's set-top box is here with Habu.TV.

Talking with Mr. Clay Cook, the CEO/Chairman of Vision One Global Communications, a full-service communications provider to the the large contingent of US Military and Expats living in Europe,says "what separatesus from the other companies offering similar services is the fact that weare not spliting the signal before or after the cable box." Hegoes on to say that being able to providethe set-top box solution with theNationphoneproprietary networkand "one-to-one" signal from provider to subscriber compliesnot only together with the law, but gives the Customer the strongest signal possible and also the best viewing experience."

"We are recieving great response from the US military bases and expat markets right here inGermany and Italy. The word is outthat now we haveit...and are live. With more than 250 channels of quality US TV programming streamed directly to anywhere within the world utilizing Nationphone's platform with an actual set-top box solution to your TV and or computer, you can now watch all of your favorite TV shows, dramas, pro-sports, college sports, movies, news, entertainment. Our channel line-up includes: Every HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, Netflix, ESPN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, BET, MTV, digital music radio with every genre, Sci-FI, Discovery, Disney, History, Nat Geo, and so considerably far more! Add to that a 100 hour DVR/Tivo on everycable boxand you'll be able to time-shift your favorite shows and watch them at your convenience...all accessed either by our PC soft orset-top box on your TV."

We asked Mr. Cook what separates your www.Habu.TV service from the rest in the pack ofbase cableservices being offered in Europe? "Well, simply place,quality and also the entire solution". Legalities arealways a major concern; and "with our legal team in New York, we believe that we have met all guidelines and criteria based on current laws on the bookscovering IPTV. The actual difference here is the fact that every Customer is simultaneously signed up for an actual cable subscription of their own inside the US; so in effect, you are complying together with the laws by just "time-shifting" your own cable subscription and watching it elswhere. Inthe countrywhere the Expat will view the service, the local laws aren't infringed upon simply because we are not broadcasting in that country."

Bandwidth is the main stumbling block that will prevent IPTV service in someareas inEurope since the signal is carried through your Web connection. In countries like England, Germany, Spain, and Italy the bandwidthis "pretty good", says Clay. "However, in locations like Afghanistan and some eastern bloc nations, you are going to need to ensure you have at least 512 kbps reliable connection to be able to view our service".

"The great news forour expat and military Customeris you are able to watch just before you buy.It is possible to go to our site and click to view free demo. We will send them back the instructions with2 or 3hours of viewing so they can see for themselves whether or not their connection will support it."

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Just go to www.Habu.TV andclicktoschedule afree demo on your PC.You will be surprised in the quality!You are able to contact Habu.TV at their offices in Japan at 81-98-921-7001.

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