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Summary of a possibility
Date posted: Jun 29th 2011

"The U.S. population is becoming more diverse by race and Hispanic origin." this is a sub title in an article from the census site It concludes that the population is changing in the U.S. Well, that was to be expected. Only is that the real issue here?

Since this information has come across my mind, two thoughts seem to want my attention constantly. For the record this is written by one who is exposed to media on a limited basis by choice. I find one does not actually have to watch the news or listen to it, the news will find you some kind of way. Trust me on that.

Any way, the two thoughts: 1) How is it that it is Whites, or Caucasians and everybody else? 2) Why with this changing of the guard doesn't the term "minority" go with the adjustment?

When did minority become synonymous with race, or do I mean culture? Last time I looked there is something similar to a ball spinning in space that sustains life. Humans are part of the life being sustained. Caucasians are human as far as I know, being sustained like everybody else. What is this implied special something that is not evident, which apparently exists to someone? And why does every other race get clumped together as one?

"People of color", isn't that how it is said? Thing is, everybody seems to have accepted this thought process. I was at a meeting with Black leaders and they referred to Black people as minorities. I had to look around. I thought maybe I was in a time warp, or another dimension, or something.

There is no anger here, disappointment for the overall scenario is more accurate. Our children are ready and able to take the leap toward unification of humanity. Adults are still, (for the most part) swimming in mud.

Our youth can truly be progressive and take us to elevated dry land if we are willing to trust them and come along for the ride.

There is no need for any race or culture to express who is first out of a desire for recognition. Every race if given the mic on that subject will justify their superiority based on their learnings. When one loves life, others and self, others recognize it also. And validity is a given as soon as one exists. What can be more important than that? Touch your arm, leg, face, whatever, are you here? Good, then your value is equal to everyone else value.

What if the earth decided it was tired of all the blasting, building, draining, raping, testing of core essence we humans do to her? Should Earth say, "well I was here first, and I got along extremely well before those two legged animals of different colors came along. Maybe I should get rid of them. They are not equal to me."

Or imagine if animals became really tired of our mentality. That would be all animals, bugs, and insects included. In retaliation, they got together and decided to teach us a lesson. What would/could we do? In the long run, there is nothing we could fathom that would save us without harming ourselves too. If water bugs became mad at us, the way they seem to be indestructible, we would really, really be in trouble.

Point is , at the end of the day, we have more in common than differences; we should have gotten past this mindset by now. There is serious stuff going on on the planet, poles shifting, nuclear deepness.

Want to focus on something else? One would think, terrorist, (because they too are human last time I checked), would cut it out for a minute so that we might possibly come up with a plan to deal with the nuclear reactor issues.


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Yolanda Washington's picture

I really wish there were more who thought like this. We're in the 21st Century and race is still an issue. As you stated, there are definitely more important things for us to ban together and deal with. I think that if we did, our economy would definitely be better.

Glad to have read this.

anonymous's picture

I totally agree with your thoughts. Its time it’s not whites and everyone else but just humans.