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The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude

The Misadventures of Sister Mary Olga Fortitude
Written by: Davis Aujourd'hui
Genre: Entertainment
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Get ready for the funniest book of the year, an irreverent and bawdy religious satire guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Sister Mary Olga is a bourbon-swilling, chain-smoking nun who's always getting into trouble with the Reverend Mother, a reformed prostitute. The convent's chef is a gay cowboy. Just watch out for the nasty town busybody named Priscilla Bunhead who is always digging in the dirt. There's plenty of that for her to find on Dinkledorf Drive in the fictional town of Bucksnort, Wisconsin. There's a lot of hanky panky going on there! The rest of the diverse and zany characters are delightfully flawed and speak to the universal human condition. Get ready for non-stop laughs!

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